The Phases

The different Phases

Step 1: First Contact

via mail, Facebook or WhatsApp with a rough description of the design

Appointments and cost forecasts within 3 working days

Order is placed by customer

Step 2: Planning the Design begins

(about 2-3 weeks before production)

Your sketches and suggestions will be viewed

Send the first computer graphics according to your wishes


Positioning of logos, emblems; names and patterns

Details, fine-tuning and final adjustments

Step 4: Productionprozess

(mere production time approx. 10-14 working days)

We’ll discuss final details and colors with you

Production starts

We’ll send photos of the production progress

Step 5: Delivery

You’ll get an e-mail with the last photo and your invoice

Seat will be sent to you after payment with the shipping service provider DHL.

Worldwide costs:

from ca. 80€ up to 180€ (US)

from ca. 30€ up to 80€ (EU)